Guest Post: Reviews: Life or death for books! by Zoë Markham

Guest Post: Reviews: Life or death for books! by Zoë Markham

Zoe and I were ‘noob’ authors together and I remember fondly the many shared “Gaaaaaaahhhhh, what fresh hell is this?” moments that we somehow managed to find way of laughing at. Her books are cracking, please give them try – yes they are YA, but I’ve read them and I haven’t been a YA since God’s dog was a puppy. Also follow her on twitter, she’s got the most wonderful sense of humour – and if you’re a writer and need an excellent editor, she also does that too! While I’m at it, if you’re stuck for a book ( because you’ve read mine and feel so bereft… 😉 ) check out BrizzleLass for some of the best, most honest recs and reviews around.

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I am stoked to welcome the superb YA author, Zoë Markham, to the blog today. I am a huge fan of Zoë’s and will happily lead the fan club for her horror inspired books. She has written this awesome post on how important reviews are, especially to fledgling authors such as herself. If you do take the time to drop a review of books you have read onto Amazon, it is such a huge help to authors, Zoë explains more, and for fellow bloggers don’t miss the opportunity to grab an ARC of her latest book further down the post!

You can find my review of Zoë’s first novel here, and my review of Her second novel will be out on Tuesday next week as part of her next blog tour!

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did!

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