Read all about our readathon

Read all about our readathon


On October 4th I’m going to be taking part in a sponsored readathon, which means I will have to read and review a book in 24 hours.

Why on earth would I be doing that?

To raise money to buy books for children who are in hospital.

I have a bit of experience of dealing with kids in hospital. When I was younger I spent time with one of my nieces while she recovered from major heart surgery, she was five, frightened and in pain – I used to read to her, and it calmed her down, soothed her and took her to places in her imagination where life wasn’t quite so frightening.

When I had my own children I spent a fair bit of time in hospital with them for one reason and another. My son had ear problems and had to have an operation – books were a salvation while he was in hospital for both of us. When my daughter was two she had a lump in her face which was suspected Hodgkins disease (fortunately it wasn’t) but while I sat in hospital with a fretful, frightened toddler, books were a godsend and helped us both to get through the ordeal. I had another boy too, unfortunately he didn’t make it, but while we struggled with that in the hospital I vividly remember a nurse sitting and reading to my older son to help him understand and cope with what was happening.

It will be 22 years since that awful time this October. So taking part in this event to raise money for books to help children in hospital seemed like a very fitting tribute and a way to give something back to the people who gave so much to me when my kids were sick, frightened, struggling and in need of the magic that can be found between the pages of a book.

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This event isn’t my brainchild, it’s the work of the lovely lady and book blogger Jennifer Marston, who came up with this wonderful idea and invited people to take part. Jenny loves books, and loves kids and she, along with the other bloggers (and me) who are taking part, really believe that giving a child the gift of books is something quite special. Jen has organised a whole event around this where you can take part, have fun and help us to raise some funds for a fantastic cause. Before the event you can vote for which book you’d like us all to read and review here:

Plus you can sign up to join us for the big Facebook party where there will be fun, banter, giveaways and good times to celebrate the event.

If you’d like to donate Jen has set up a fundraising page here:

We’d really appreciate your support, help and company – so please join in, join up and help us to help out.

2 thoughts on “Read all about our readathon

  1. What a brilliant idea. I’ve spent time in hospital both as a parent of a child and also as a patient. Reading whilst recovering gives you a chance to escape and have an adventure when you can’t. Would live to be involved x


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