Things that I have lost and gained

Things that I have lost and gained

We’ll start with the gains. Since The Lost Child was published I have gained 515 followers on twitter, 101 likes on my author Facebook page, 80 new friends on my personal Facebook, 34 ratings and 27 reviews on Goodreads, 18 4&5* reviews on AmazonUK, 9 4&5*reviews on, a handful of sales in Germany and 7lbs of weight.

Now to the losses. Since publication I have lost the ability to tear myself away from the computer and move (hence the half stone weight gain), the propensity to have a conversation with anyone that doesn’t include the words ‘the book’, the art of functioning like a normal human being with a ‘real’ life ( i.e. one where they get dressed, go out and interact with the world without looking slightly crazed), the notion of a day off and portions of my sanity. Also my trousers no longer fit and I may need substantially bigger knickers.

The gains have been lovely, though I have to say that my previously pleasant, sometimes amusing, quietly unassuming Facebook feed has taken on a whole new life with the addition of the posts from the few erotica authors who have befriended me! Hubs has been profoundly shocked to discover me looking at pictures of half naked, buff young men who are probably younger than my son. There have been a few coffee spitting moments, and a new found hesitation to hit ‘like’ for fear of shocking my Labrador loving Pastor friend (Hi Ed) or scaring my step kids into thinking I’m trading their dad for a younger model (never going to happen guys – I’m a fan of vintage).

Yep, it’s a whole new world for me. Mostly virtual I admit, but it’s a lot of fun 🙂 The only thing I have any desire to change is the weight gain – there is enough of me online already without my backside being picked up as an uncharted land mass by Google Earth.

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