My Misery Moment Mk2

My Misery Moment Mk2

Karma seems to be up to some funny business with me lately. My last post was about what might happen if I met one of my writing heroes – this weekend it actually happened and I got my Misery Moment.


Yep, this is me, looking like a bag lady, harassing Lee Child at CrimeFest. He of course was charming and affable. I was a gibbering wreck. I hope I didn’t scare him too much!

The reason that I say karma is playing tricks is because I had no idea this time last week that I would be hobnobbing with the Crime writing literati, I assumed that my weekend would be the usual uneventful damp squib. Being a complete numpty on Twitter, I inadvertently entered a competition and won weekend passes to this illustrious event. Woot! A totally unexpected, but very pleasant, surprise 🙂

Sooooo, off I trot envisioning all sorts of networking opportunities etc. The road to hell is paved with good intentions… I hardly spoke to a soul, except Mr Child, the barman and a nice lady in the lift.

Oh and David Headley of DHH Literary Agency. Being me, and the blond hair being no accident, I chatted away to him without the faintest clue of who he was – he was in a T Shirt selling books! I’m an author, I write crime/mysteries and I meet one of the best agents in the country and chat to him as if he is on the check-out at Tesco! ( I’m always nice to shop assistants, it’s a thankless job sometimes).

So there you go, karma is having a snigger at my expense. I don’t blame karma, I’d snigger too if I hadn’t just missed a golden opportunity by being such a nerk.

On the ridiculously remote chance that Mr Headley or Mr Child will ever read this…Hi, it’s me (remember? bemused looking blond woman who waffles rubbish?) thank you both so much for being utterly charming, my apologies for the badly done Kathy Bates impression – I’m sure the men in white coats will be increasing my meds soon. Oh, and by the way my incredible, utterly unputdownable, amazing book is published tomorrow…;)

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