This week I have mostly been…

This week I have mostly been…

Faffing about on the internet. Yep, so much so that I am starting to feel that I have a virtual existence ( imagine the Matrix, with middle aged, slightly plump, cardigan wearing authors).

It started with twitter, rolled into Facebook, snuck onto Pinterest and has ended up here. The cover was the real culprit, I blame the cover – it was born last Wednesday and though it didn’t get quite the viral exposure of the royal baby it went far, and it went wide. If I had to compare my reach to a virus, it would be one of those half arsed bugs that never quite comes to anything but makes you feel a bit off; enough to make you complain but not enough to get you a legitimate day off work. Just in case you weren’t a victim of this virus, here it is just for good measure ( I’m a sharer, it’s in my nature, if I’ve got it, you must have it too)

The Lost Child

Good isn’t it?

This internet existence is a strange one, I have gained followers, likes and virtual friends which is wonderful, and quite surprising. I live in a small coastal village and unless you are fifth generation born and bred no one speaks to you. In thirteen years I have lived here the sum total of my social interaction involves waving to two of my neighbours, exchanging pleasantries in the local shop and scaring the postman  ( poor feller has seen me in my nightie with my hair on end more times than he would care to shake a stick at, hey if Cherie Blair can get away with it…) So, my launch into the virtual world has been a social revelation and a shock to my system – and it has distracted me from my other virtual world, my next book. Yep, there’s more to come and it should be pouring out of me like a creative fountain, but my characters are sulking. I think they object to being flagrantly ignored in favour of my indulgence in social media. This week I will have to schmooze them back into compliance and give them something exciting and intriguing to do. I’m inclined to give one of them a cyber stalker, or an embarrassing you tube video to grapple with. Then again, I might just throw some every day problems at them and see how they cope, if I can remember what happens in the real world 😉

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